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Editing Workshop I - Fundamentals of Final Cut Pro

The 4 day, introductory "hands-on workshop is aimed at those who want to cut movies in professional quality with Final Cut Pro and would like to acquire the basic theoretical and practical knowledge in an interactive workshop with professional guidance

Content Day 1 + 2:

An overview of the structure, tools and capabilities of Final Cut Pro is been given.

Content Day 3 + 4:

Practical editing exercises are done by the participants in the editing room. 2 participants will share an editing suite. Eventually the results are compared and discussed.

Day 1 + 2:

Introduction to the software: build the surface, the windows, the browser, the timeline. Import of audio and video contents, user preferences and project organization. Sequence Settings, Insert and Overwrite, drag and drop, the various cutting tools, the trim. Transitions, wipes, effects, change of speed, color correction. Working with Clips and several video and audio tracks.

Day 3:

Practical work with Final Cut Pro. Exercises on the following topics: cut, trim, visors, effects, fonts, slow motion, color correction, music, sound mixing. Working with different tracks, create secure versions, and compare. During the practical exercises, technical terms, rhythm, visual style etc are being discussed.

Day 4:

Cut a scene in your own style, underlay it with Sound FX and music. Comparison and discussion of the various versions of the group. Project completion, export a movie, Back Up. Each participant takes his version of the ready-cut and mixed film home on a DVD.


Basic knowledge of working with computers.
Experience with the Mac OS is not absolutely necessary.
Basic knowledge of the terminology used in film editing is advantageous.
Editing suites, slugs, visual and audio materials are provided.

Duration 4 days / 32 hours

Lecturer: Achim Seidel

Price: 585 .- €


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