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Introduction in the basics of audio engineering for Video Broadcast

To understand the technical funktions of the audio equipment the engineer has to work with, is the vital knowledge of sound recording. This knowledge is the elementary background for professional work. In this workshop the participants will learn basics of the technical requirements and different recording technics to manage the versatile tasks of an AV- Broadcast shooting. How to prepare a shooting, the recording of interviews and sounds for postproduction, technical specifications and monitoring the sound recording are main contents of this workshop.

Furthermore workshop contents:

Different microphonestypes an microphone characteristics, portable audio mixers and recording devices, analogue and digital recording devices at location, gain structure, recording level and monitoring of miscellaneous sound sources, how to set a limiter and compressor.

Duration: 2 Days

Lecturer: M. Diekmann

Sound recording for motion pictures (feature films)

This workshop based on the contents of the Audio engineering for Video Broadcast workshop and is suitable for the prospective sound engineer at the film location as well as the Boom Operator, who wants to make the next step.


The acoustical development of a screenplay, selection of the appropriate equipment for a screenplay, calculation and negotiations with the production company, to state sound-specific requirements for scenes within the screenplay during the directors meeting, location scouting for the sound departement, communication with the producer, director, DOP, cutter and sound designer while shooting, possible solutions for acoustical problematic locations, how to develop and write daily sound-records specially for multitrack recordings at location, technical realisation and handling of confidential audio cue-lines at he set.

The practical part of this workshop will familiarize you with different types of microphones and their application for specific situations, the latest digital multitrack recorder (Deva, Sound Device a.o.), how to install and to work with radio mics and hidden microphones, sound recording at a multi-camera set, analogue and digital audio-mixer on location and gain-structure within several stages of a recording line.

During the workshop you will have the chance to exercise with professional sound recording equipment.

Duration: 4 Days

Lecturer: M. Diekmann

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